Monday, 25 April 2011

CVS 4/24 Paid 83c for $30.46 of stuff

Another quiet week at CVS.
Glade offer - 3ECB when you spend $12 or more on Glade products.

1st price is original full price, 2nd price is with CVS card
(3) Glade plugin oil refill $6.39 - $4 each this week - (3) $1 off coupon = 3ECB
(1) Blink tear solution $11.29 - $7.99 this week - $1 off coupon = 7.99 ECB

Before coupons and savings = $30.46
After scanning CVS card and coupons = $15.99
I used 15.97 worth of ECBs from last week aand so all I paid was 2 cents and of course tax which was 81c so all in all I paid 83c.

And I got 10.99 ECB to spend on next weeks deals.


  1. I can't believe you didn't grab the Dove Men's+Care Deodorant. 99 cents each, limit 5. You must already have a pretty good stockpile by now.

    Quick question - how do you organize your coupons? Say I get the RedPlum in next week's paper - should I put it in a folder all together, or should I clip each coupon and sort them categorically? How do you do it?

  2. Ok, I'm new at this (so feel free to roll your eyes) but I went to my local CVS and they were out of the Dove Men's+Care deodorant for 99 cents. The manager was cool and said "Pick out any deodorant you want and I'll sell it to you for 99 cents." My jaw hit the floor. So I picked out 5 sticks of my favorite brand and I'm now a much bigger fan of CVS. Seriously...that's "totally cool" in my book.

  3. Alright dude! It's Wednesday and you haven't posted this week. You're letting your fans down!!! :)

  4. Hahaha my apologies!
    I have been helping my parents in law move into their new house while house hunting myself.
    I will get something online in a few minutes!