Sunday, 17 April 2011

CVS 4/17 - Paid $1.54 for $32.71 (95% saving!)

Hey folks!

Great week for me at CVS with lots of stuff that we will use.

1st Price is the "original" price if you didn't have a CVS loyalty card.
2nd Price is after scanning CVS loyalty card

1 Nivea Body Wash $6.29 - $3.88 - $3 off coupon = $0.88
1 Head n Shoulders Shampoo - $5.89 - $4.99 - $2 off coupon = $2.99 and $2 ECB
1 Head n Shoulders Conditioner - $5.89 - 5.89 = Buy shampoo get conditioner free
1 GE Energy Light bulb - $6.28 - $2.99 get $2 ECB
1 Edge shaving gel - $3.39 - $3.29 - get $2.30 ECB
1 Easter grass $.99c get $.99 ECB
1 Easter egg kit $1.99 get $1.99 ECB
2 Green bag tag $0.99c get $0.99 ECB

Before couons + savings $32.71
After coupons above and $4 off when you spend $20 = $12.26
-$12 ECB from last week
$0.26 + tax of $1.28
Total out of pocket $1.54
And it printed out $11.26 ECB for next week!


  1. Alright I'm gonna "shadow" you for a bit so that I can learn the ropes. I went to CVS today and signed up for a rewards card.

    I got the Nivea Body Wash, the H&S Shampoo and Conditioner, the Edge shaving gel, and the Easter grass. The light bulbs and the Easter Egg kit were gone. I didn't see the Green bag tags so I'll have to look for that next time.

    I made a rookie mistake and bought 2 of the shaving gel and 2 of the Easter Grass because I thought I would get twice the savings. I didn't read the fine print about "Limit 1". So no biggie...I still have my receipt so I'll just take those back tomorrow.

    Thanks a ton for posting your excursions each week. Keep up the good work.


  2. Yeah its a really simple once you understand and get it!
    Just buy the stuff that gives yuo the same or near same ECB back!

    You need to watch those limits, some are 1 some are 2. That's why I like CVS, stops people coming and buying everything!

  3. Tell me about "timing". It seems like you do some of your "runs to the store" early in the week, like Sunday and Monday. Do the new deals start at the beginning of the week...or does it vary...or what's your strategy when it comes to "when" you go?

  4. I try and go on Sunday just so I can get in there early, as the week goes on you have a less chance of getting all the deals.

    Drugstores + walmart ads come out on Sunday. has them viewable on the Thursday before.
    Most grocery store ads come out on Wednesday.